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Fish Hoki Portions Panko 65g 3.6kg @ - SLD102778

Fish Hoki Portions Panko 65g 3.6kg @

Code: SLD102778
Panko Crumbed NZ Hoki Bites

65g  3.5kg

Hand cut, snap-frozen New Zealand hoki fillets in a freshly baked Japanese style panko crumb. Our Hoki is caught off the coast of New Zealand by our people, on our boats. We hand cut selected fillets with care then freeze them to capture their natural goodness.

These succulent hoki fillets are individually coated in breadcrumbs, freshly made in our very own bakery. Hoki is a white, flaky and succulent fish with a mild flavour.

Hoki, related to hake, is also known as whiptail, blue hake or blue grenadier. Sealord hoki found in New Zealand waters averages 60-100cm (23-40 inches) in length and has an average weight of 1.5kg (3.3lb). Hoki is caught by trawling in water 200-800 metres (650-2600 feet) deep. Hoki is most abundant around the South Island of New Zealand. The species is fished year round but the peak catching period is June to September. Sealord hoki comes from a sustainable and well managed fishery.



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